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    Licensed translation agency, with license № 16 ПР-306 from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria to do translations of official (public) documents and papers from Bulgarian into foreign languages and from foreign languages into Bulgarian

    ■ Agency works with qualified sworn translators approved by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    ■ The agency has implemented and maintains a system of quality management according to ЕN ISO 9001:2008 / БДС ЕN ISO 9001:2008.

    ■ The agency has implemented and maintained quality management system of translation services as required by EN ISO 17100:2015 / БДС EN ISO 17100:2015.


    ■ Translation of all types of personal and business documents and specialized texts in various areas;

    ■ Oral consecutive interpretation at notary business negotiations, seminars and training, formal and informal meetings;

    ■ Certification of documents in all ministries and instances;

    ■ Legalization of documents to and from Bulgaria and abroad in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

    ■ Validation in foreign embassies and representative offices;

    ■ Verification, correction and validation of the translations done by companies and individuals.

    ■ Typing, word processing, business correspondence, scanning, converting to different formats, copy services;

    ■ Advising and consulting foreign citizens and companies interested in investment or training in Bulgaria, establishment of companies and other.

    AREAS: project documentation, finance and accounting, law, economics, construction, energy, transport, engineering, agriculture, auditing and certification, banking, education, tourism, ecology, medicine, etc..

    PRICES: according to the language, type of text, speed, reasonable and competitive discounts for regular customers.

    PRIORITIES: speed, fidelity of the translation and the terminology stylish shape, confidentiality.

    For details or offer, you can contact us!


    Kardzhali, 47 Republikanska Str., Business Incubator

    (The office is located next to bookstore „Spectrum“)

    tel: (+359 361) 64 401

    fax: (+359 361) 64 402

    mobile: (+359 887) 92 11 12, (+359 888) 92 11 12

    e-mail: office@bfgroup.eu



    We attach truthfully and accurately the content of the original text in an official translation that is placed on the letterhead of our agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then put a stamp and signature of sworn translator certifying remittance.

    When presenting the documents to the official authorities in the country (Registers, Notaries, Courts, and Academic Institutes etc.), the original and its translation can be equipped with the necessary authentication, apostille and signature of the authorized translator in the Consular department of Foreign Affairs.

    Our staff will fully cooperate you with competent advice and services related to lending the legal validity of documents from and for abroad.


    (simultaneously with the speaker)

    Simultaneous translation is a translation in real time, which takes place in the cabin of our team of two interpreters who take turns because of the complexity of translation.

    This translation is used for congresses, seminars, media events and other formal events that languages are more than two, and participants need to hear the message of the speaker in their own language.



    We can provide our translators in all languages for your travels, visits, business trips and meetings anywhere in Bulgaria and around the world.

    Our translators will be your eyes and mouth, and will help you in understanding the situation and will assist in carrying out the purpose of your trip or event.


    (translation waiting the speaker)

    We offer official (sworn) translators to appear before a notary, lawsuits or other official purposes, which require special certification to ensure that both parties understand the meaning of the conversation. Our sworn translators have written declaration and signed for the correctness of translation made by them.

    We can provide interpreters in negotiations, work meetings, trainings, seminars and official visits.



    Our translators perform software or web localization, which includes not only translation but also adapting a software product or website for a specific region or language by adding the translation of country-specific and / or regional elements.

    To be able to make effective software localization, we take into account linguistic differences in pronunciation, spelling and grammar patterns. Our linguists and translators carefully checked the contents, the conformity of translation and language style, along with checking for missing content, grammatical and punctuation errors.

    The final result of localization is carried to foreign language version of a software product or website to look and be used as if it was designed specifically for the country of a user.



    Agency have the service legalization of Bulgarian documents abroad in the relevant departments and institutions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of the Interior, National Revenue Agency, Social Security Institute, Bulgarian National Bank and other official institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria

    Legalization of official documents issued by the Bulgarian institutions and departments is done by placing on the original document special certificate „Apostille“ and when required – signature of the sworn translator by the „Consular Relations“ at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . „Apostille“ ensures the validity and recognition of the relevant official documents abroad. More details about Apostille can get at https://www.hcch.net/…/instr…/specialised-sections/apostille



    Performed by authentication of sworn translator’s signature placed by the „Consular Relations“ at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    To be legalized your document must have the required stamps, certifications and format. For this purpose, before attempting any action on their issuance and validation we recommend you to consult with us.



    Translation and legalization of documents for studying in foreign schools, programs for international academic mobility and cooperation. This includes diplomas and certificates, academic records, CV, references, cover letters, study projects;

    Equalization graduation diploma for abroad class, stage of education, specialty or qualification;

    Modular language courses of English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian programs under the Common European Framework;

    Preparatory language courses for certification exams in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.



    Translation and legalization of documents for participation in programs for international academic mobility, collaboration and others. This includes diplomas and certificates, attestations, project documentation, CV, references, cover letters, correspondence with universities and institutes;

    Equalization diploma or degree qualification;

    Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for participation in conferences, congresses and seminars;

    Modular language courses of English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian programs under the Common European Framework.



    If the purpose of your company include implementation of projects or activities related to the multinational environment, but you have lack of experts in translation of presentations, conferences, seminars, workshops or documents, we will assist you in this:

    – Professional translations of company documents and correspondence from and to any language;

    – Stylistic and terminological revision;

    – Stylistic correction /rereading/;

    – Cultural adaptation;

    – Legalization of documents;

    – Consecutive interpretation during negotiations and workshops;

    – Simultaneous interpretation in official events;

    – Whisper Interpreting at official events;

    – Accompanying exhibitions and fairs;

    – Escorting foreign visitors.



    „Bulgarian Financial Group“ Ltd. (A licensed translation agency from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria) recruits translators in all languages in order to be registered as certified translators by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Requirements of MFA to prove proficiency in that language- with one of the following options:

    1. A certified copy of a certificate of higher education in the language – with GPA (grade point average) not less than Very Good 4.50.
    2. Second specialty of higher education in the language with the same success.
    3. A certified copy of a diploma for a language school in Bulgaria or in another country, successful not less than Very Good 4.50.

    (Diplomas from foreign universities and schools are considered only after the legalization of Ministry of Education and Science)

    1. A certified copy of a diploma of higher education in specialties for which a state exam in a foreign language is held, if the assessment is not less than Very Good 4.50.
    2. An internationally recognized level of proficiency in the language as follows:

    – English – ESU 6,7, 8 & 9; Pitman – Higher Intermediate & Advanced; IELTS – 6,7,8 & 9] UCLES – CAE & CPE; UCLES RSA (CCSE) 3 & 4; Oxford-Higher & Diploma; ARELS-Higher; Trinity 10,11 & 12; LCCI SEFIC-Intermediate & Advanced, and also assimilated American tests.

    – French – DАLF / last level /, issued by the French cultural institutes abroad.

    – Spanish – DELE SUPERIOR.

    – German – ZMP, issued by the Goethe Institute.

    – For other languages are recognized internationally recognized certificates equivalent to level „knowledge“ of the language by common European Framework corresponding to the level C2.

    For questions and contacts: 0886901112 и office@bfgroup.eu